Friday, September 20, 2013

Triumph Crochet Socks Progress Update

I started crocheting these socks back in the middle of August, as described in my post Hilo Shawl Finished and Socks Started. They're not finished yet, but it's time for some photos and a status update, seeing as I passed the half-way point the other day: the first sock is completed, with ends sewn in and trimmed off.
The yarn is, as I noted, Rowan Fine Art yarn in the Kingfisher colourway, and I love the way it's worked up so far. It also feels great the short times I've worn the sock to check fit, which hasn't needed any adjusting from the pattern as written (the Triumph Crochet Socks pattern on Ravelry).

Maybe it'll be different now I'm on the second sock, but I haven't gotten bored with this pattern either, like I have some of the others I've started, and it's really nice having a small, portable project to work on too, as a change from the shawls and other things I've been doing to date. Easier to work on while travelling for example.

I've heard people say that crochet socks aren't as comfortable as knitted, but I don't know - I've also heard it said that they're more comfortable. Different strokes for different folks I guess. These have a decent amount of stretch, and slide on and off easily enough. The stitch and lace pattern do have some give to them - it's mostly a linked-double-crochet stitch, which was an interesting stitch to learn. I like it though.

One day, I want to learn to knit socks, but for now, I'm happy to crochet them. One of these days I'm going to give the book of crochet sock patterns I bought, Learn To Crochet Socks The Toe-Up Way! by Kim Kotary. I gave one of the patterns an initial try, but got stuck on the toe, not quite understanding what I was being asked to do. Now though, I think it does make sense, at least going from memory, and I want to give the patterns a second try, having done one sock successfully.

Other things I want to try are some different types of heel. I'm not so sure I like the afterthought heel that the Triumph sock calls for. After a couple of tries it made sense though, but it's still another weak-point, being a second join and a third (and fourth) end to sew in. I don't exactly trust my joins for hard use, so it's something I worry about.

Any tips or thoughts on crocheting socks for me to keep in mind for the future? Pattern suggestions would be nice too, either on Ravelry or from other sites, as I know I'm going to make some more socks in the future.

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