Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Partners - P.M. Griffin - Short Story

P.M. Griffin
Catfantastic III
DAW Books
Copyright: 1994

Partners is one of my favourite short stories from Catfantastic III, along with Clare Bell's A Tangled Tahitian Tail. Set in the same world as In Bastet's Service from Catfantastic II, it's an amazing story. I just wish I could have a similar type relationship with my two cats - without the element of danger, thank-you-very-much.

I find it interesting to read the two points of view in some of these short stories, that of the cat and the human, and I think that P. M. Griffin has done a really good job, creating a story that's vivid and pulls the reader in.

Trying not to give away any spoilers is making this review nearly impossible to write, simply because everything in it contributes so clearly - even the introduction to the story hints at events later on, I should note, and simply finish off by saying that I've read Partners several times now and have loved it every time. I recommend all of the Catfantastic volumes to any cat and fantasy lover.

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