Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Tangled Tahitian Tail - Clare Bell - Short Story

A Tangled Tahitian Tail
Clare Bell
Catfantastic III
DAW Books
Copyright: 1994

Possibly the funniest story in Catfantastic III, at least in my opinion. Clare Bell has written a story that leaves me laughing out loud every single time I've read it, partly in rueful sympathy for the people around that cat, having seen the messes my cats have made of my yarn at times - without the aid of magic, I'm assuming, though with cats, one never knows.

Anyway, A Tangled Tahitian Tail is written from the cat's perspective all the way through, and in a stream-of-conciousness format that just adds to the humor of the situations he finds himself in - ending up as the first cat on the island of Tahiti.

All I'll say on the matter, to try and avoid spoiling the story, is that sometimes what you think is a curse, turns out to be a blessing. And, as I said in my review of Partners, from the same book, that you really should try and find the Catfantastic books if you're a cat or fantasy lover.

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