Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Favourites - Your Favourite Non-Fiction Subject To Read About?

Friday Favourites - a chance to rave about a favourite reading/book related topic each week.

Sometimes you just want a chance to rave about some favourite aspect of reading that doesn't really come up during regular blogging posts - that's what this is about. I'm willing to bet that at least some of those will come up one week or another.

This week I'm asking what your favourite non-fiction subject is to read about? As much as we all love our novels, I'd be willing to bet there's a non-fiction subject that interests you as well. Books about writing or language? Cookbooks? Current affairs (There's certainly a lot of those)? Sports?

My answer is history. Specifically ancient and medieval history, although I do sometimes venture into other time-periods as well (see my recent review of Peter Ackroyd's book London Under). I'm not even fully sure why I love history so much, but I do. There's something about the Romans and the Greeks especially that has caught my interest for the last several years. Both in terms of the greater events - wars etc, but also concerning individual lives.

I've actually had fun reading a number of my textbooks after the classes were done with. Very few have ended up being sold on. Most are still a part of my ever-growing collection of books. And yet, there are times when history books are the absolute last thing I want to read.

So, what non-fiction subject sparks your interest? Be as general or specific as you want to be either in your own post or in the comments here.

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