Sunday, January 20, 2008

Emperor Mage - Tamora Pierce

Emperor Mage
Tamora Pierce
Copyright: 1995
Simon & Schuster Childrens Publishing
ISBN: 9781416903376

The third book in the Immortals Quartet, Emperor Mage is the sequel to Wild Magic and Wolfspeaker.

As with the others, this is a really good read, I'm finding. Tamora Pierce has worked a lot of real information about animal behavior into the story, which she also did for both of the first two books, but I forgot to note.

Despite being a childrens/teen story, Emperor Mage is an engaging read. However, being for younger readers (Indigo has the series in the Teen Series section) the story is rather a quick read.

The other thing is, there is a bit of a 'nobody ever dies' thing, which I won't say more about so as not to spoil the story.

Emperor Mage does something not a lot of fantasy I've read does. The gods in the story are not all happy things. There are consequences for neglecting their worship, as the characters find out here.

Answers to questions raised in the previous two books are starting to come together by the end of this one.

Overall, as with the rest of the series, I really liked it.

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