Saturday, April 30, 2016

You've passed on your copies. Now you want to re-read it?

What do you do in this situation? I'm re-purchasing the books bit by bit. It's part of why I keep such a large library for myself. I know I'm a re-reader, and I take a risk every time I clear out a series. Most of the time it works out OK. However, once in a while the bug to re-read that series comes back with a vengeance.

Most recently with the S. M. Stirling Change series. Probably the itch for a re-read was inspired by my new Kobo Glo, as I have the first book (Dies the Fire) in the library there (now the first two books). Either way, I found myself really enjoying the read and then the second book (currently about two thirds of the way through The Protector's War). I've already found a copy of the third book: A Meeting At Corvallis, thanks to a local book sale. My one grumble on this re-read is book order. At least on the Kobo store, the second book is labeled as the first. Thankfully for these early books, that paper copy of A Meeting At Corvallis has the reading order listed.

The other series I've repurchased is Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series. This time though, I didn't need to do a complete repurchase as I already had copies of all the books from The Fiery Cross onwards, although for some reason I simply couldn't find my original copy of it. Again, a local book sale came to my rescue. Trade paperback for $1.00? Even if the original copy shows up again, the cost was worth it. Just have to get around to doing the re-read now. Skipped around a bit on Dragonfly in Amber, but intending to properly re-read Voyageur. Then I'm going to have to find a copy of Drums of Autumn.

One key question for any readers. I'm testing out the newish Amazon Native Ads on this post. Personally, I'm not that sure of them, and find that I really miss the old carousel widget that I used to use. I'm going to leave the one new native ad in on this post, but would love to hear if those few readers I have would prefer I not use them in the future.

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