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Indexing Names - Edited by Noeline Bridge

Indexing Names - Noeline BridgeIndexing Names
Ed. Noeline Bridge
Information Today Publishing
Copyright: April 2012

The product description:
Don't be deceived into thinking names are easy to index! They can present a challenge that consumes a disproportionate amount of an indexer's time. Now at last we have a book wholly devoted to the subject. Coverage includes names from classical and medieval times and those belonging to particular ethnicities and nationalities, along with those peculiar to specific genres, especially biography, religion, and the performance and fine arts. Fictional, corporate, and geographical names as well as those of royalty and nobility are discussed. You'll find advice on when and how to index names mentioned in peripheral ways and guidance in avoiding the pitfalls of automated name indexing.

With Indexing Names, Noeline Bridge and her contributing experts from around the globe have created an essential reference for all indexers working in the English language and an instant classic within the field.
Names are a key element in indexing any book and it's absolutely integral to make sure that they are indexed correctly. This may seem to be the easiest part of any index, but as Indexing Names soon proves, the job is far more involved than it seems at first glance. The table of contents alone quickly proves that:
  1. The Seven Problem Approach to Indexing Names by Noeline Bridge
  2. Classical and Medieval Names by Kate Mertes
  3. Arabic Names by Heather Hedden
  4. Dutch Names by Jacqueline Pitchford
  5. French Names by Noeline Bridge
  6. German Names by Jacqueline Pitchford
  7. Spanish and Portuguese Names by Francine Cronshaw
  8. Chinese Place Names by Liquan Dai
  9. Hawaiian Names by Ruth Horie
  10. Hmong Names by Madeline Davis
  11. Indonesian Names by Madeline Davis and Noeline Bridge
  12. Te Reo Maori Names by Elaine N. Hall
  13. Thai Names by Sue Lightfoot
  14. Names in Biographies by Martin L. White
  15. Religious Names by Kate Mertes
  16. Titles of Royalty and Nobility in the United Kingdom by Auriol Griffith-Jones
  17. Names in Art Books by Enid L. Zafran
  18. Names in the Performing Arts by Linda Dunn
  19. Name Problems: Dispelling the Simplicity Myth by Sherry L. Smith
  20. The Hurdles of Automated Name Indexing by Seth A. Maislin
  21. Names in Fiction by Enid L. Zafran
  22. Corporate Names by Noeline Bridge
  23. Geographic Names by Noeline Bridge
  24. Using the Library of Congress Authority File by Janet Russell
  25. Resources for Personal Names by Noeline Bridge
Indexing Names is a very substantial reference work covering naming conventions through history as well as in different countries and languages. Definitely worth the price (this is not the least expensive reference work I've bought, but I believe it's well worth it).

Each of the essays in the book is well written and interesting - some of them from more than an indexers point of view, I have to admit. I found the chapter on Classical and Medieval names to be a particular favorite and a fascinating addition to my historical reading too.

Another bonus is that each essay has its' own bibliography and reference list if you need more information on a particular sub-topic. All of this is added to comprehensive examples and tables and clear writing.

This is a book that will be useful for more than the novice indexer - I've seen a couple of reviews from indexers who admit that the book spends more time on their desks than on their shelves, which is something I think I'll find too.

Well done everyone!

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