Sunday, September 25, 2011

St. Patrick's Gargoyle - Katherine Kurtz

St. Patrick's Gargoyle
Katherine Kurtz
Ace Books
Copyright: 2002

The description from Katherine Kurtz's website:
In St. Patrick's Gargoyle, Dublin's St. Patrick's Cathedral becomes the target of an act of vandalism, and the gargoyle guardian of the building enlists the aid of an aging Knight of Malta to assist him in his pursuit of the vandals. Combining an interest in Irish history with snatches of Templar lore, the author of the Deryni and Adept series creates a story of angelic powers and demonic forces locked in an eternal struggle. Engaging characters and gentle irony add a light touch to a metaphysical drama that belongs in most fantasy collections.
St. Patrick's Gargoyle is another of Katherine Kurtz's fantasy novels set in the modern day world, somewhat along the lines of her Adept series (The Adept, The Adept: Lodge of the Lynx, The Adept: The Templar Treasure, Dagger Magic and Death of an Adept). There's all of her usual elements, along with a good sense of fun. And, some thought-provoking dialogue.

At the same time, it's got some beautifully bitter-sweet moments included and the whole book just kept me hooked the whole time I was reading it - even though I've read the book several times before.

I've seen some reviews of this book which called it more or less a tourist's guide to Dublin, and after skimming a travel guide or two to the city, I can see what they mean. On the other hand, it's something I liked about the book, not having been anywhere near Ireland ever. It was kind of neat to be recognizing the places in the tour guide descriptions from Katherine Kurtz's descriptions.

The biggest negative I can see with St. Patrick's Gargoyle is that it's a very short read. I was able to finish it in only a few hours reading time. And yet, there isn't really anything that could be added. Nor does the book really call out for a sequel. Although the ending was left open enough that one could be possible.

A wonderful, short read that I have to recommend to any fantasy lover.

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