Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Brain Ships - Anne McCaffrey, Mercedes Lackey & Margaret Ball

Brain Ships
Anne McCaffrey, Mercedes Lackey & Margaret Ball
Baen Books
Copyright: 2003

The product description:
Combines the texts of two sequels to the best-selling The Ship Who Sang in a single volume, following the adventures of Tia and Nancia, who overcome paralysis by becoming starship-controlling "brains" that protect other young people from suffering a similar fate.

Brain Ships is an omnibus edition containing The Ship Who Searched (Anne McCaffrey and Mercedes Lackey) and PartnerShips (Anne McCaffrey and Margaret Ball). Both books are set in the same world as The Ship Who Sang, as are a number of other books.

Of the two books in this edition, I have to admit honestly that the first one, The Ship Who Searched is my favorite. In fact, it's my favorite of the whole series. It may also have been the first one that I read, picked up because I've loved most (if not all) of the books by both Mercedes Lackey and Anne McCaffrey.

I remember absolutely loving The Ship Who Searched when I first read it, with the many ancient history and archaelology references. Even then, those were two interests of mine, interests I've kept ever since. The two authors worked well together to create a world that worked and characters of interest.

On the other hand, PartnerShips is not as interesting to me, although the moral dilemmas the characters go through are rather captivating as was the growth they got out of it. I think the thing about the book that I didn't care for was that there were too many viewpoint characters. Something like six or eight of them, I believe.

Overall though, it was definitely a good read, and one I'll read again, as I have it on my Kobo e-reader.

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