Sunday, February 3, 2008

The First Test - Tamora Pierce

Getting a start on the backlog of books I've read this week. I've got the rest of the series after this one to write up still.

The First Test
Tamora Pierce
Laurel Leaf Publishing
Copyright: 1999
ISBN: 9780679889175

The first of the four Keladry novels, the Protector Of The Small Quartet. As with Tamora Pierce's other novels it's in the Childrens/Teens section of the bookstore, but that really doesn't matter.

This series is set after the Lioness Quartet and the Immortals series, although I'm not too sure how far after the latter set. Given some of the references made, it might have been helpful for me to read the final book of that series (In The Realm Of The Gods) before starting this series.

I found it to be a quick read (in part because I couldn't put it down) but a good one. The other books get longer.

Keladry is the first woman to openly train as a knight in over a century. Unlike Alanna, she trains openly, in spite of all those who want her to quit and try every method, fair or foul to make it happen.

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